Warning! Bittrex Phishing website found!

an ad appeared in the google search results, thanks to AdWords google’s advertising platform, that pointed clickers to a Phishing website. The Phishing website was a clone of the cryptocurrency exchange website Bittrex.com. Even tho the ad shows the URL Bittrex.com people were taken to the URL bittreix.com.

It is unclear how this ad passed through Google AdWords team, which is known for refusing ads for mysterious reasons or when anything doesn’t look kosher.

Anyhow. Beware of the AdWords search result when it comes to accessing anything that has to do with your money. Bookmark the Url of your Exchange and financial service providers.

Be safe out there.

[ I guess this is the last time I post using a phone :P, The first version of the post was really f#+ed up. Thank you for the comments on Reddit]

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