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Genesis Mining Review + 3% Discount

In many conversations about cloud mining, the name Genesis mining tends to pop up, almost inevitably. The reason is simple; Genesis mining is one of the undisputedly big cloud mining companies, and it has been in the game for pretty long. Thanks for its excellent service, the company’s client base has kept growing over time. Genesis mining reviews by customers are often positive, and this is a great assurance to a potential investor in the cloud mining business.

Having put the legitimacy questions behind us, what remains is the profitability of cloud mining. As an investor, perhaps you are wondering if you will realize Genesis Mining ROI.

The Genesis mining scam reviews you might find on the web are nothing to worry about. We have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Genesis Mining is a legitimate cloud mining company. Some companies will mint money from you claiming to be miners when they are not. But not Genesis Mining. The company has mining farms although they don’t reveal their locations for security reasons. If you haven’t registered, feel free to do it now and if you already have an account, think about buying more Hash power. With increased Hash power, you will have crypto coins flowing into your wallet for a long time as long as the mining process stays active.

If you decide to start mining with Genesis mining, make sure to use our Coupon code to get a 3% discount. “KQsVhj”


Are you wondering whether you will get profits from Genesis mining? The answer is yes; you can easily realize your Genesis mining ROI. It depends mainly on the market forces and the package that you purchase. A cryptocurrency profitability calculator helps you to predict how long it will take to get your return on investment.

Bitcoin mining reviews by buyers of the Genesis cloud mining contracts show that it takes varying periods to get back what you invested and profits. The value of the crypto currency matters a lot in this respect. The Bitcoin, with its rising market value, presages good things for cloud miners. People who have bought Genesis mining contracts are enjoying their profits and here is your chance to join the party. Our final word is, yes, Genesis Mining is profitable. (Monero Cloud Mining Contracts and Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract are the most profitable right now)


One of the companies that offer cloud mining is Genesis Mining. Genesis started its operations in 2013, and its growth has been tremendous. It currently boasts a number of mining farms in different locations.

Genesis Mining is probably one of the largest cloud mining companies and hash-power providers out there. I personally use their services and in my opinion, it is the most serious and secure mining company in the market. you can create an account and start mining within minutes. start by visiting and creating an account. Don't forget to use my  genesis mining coupon code at the checkout to save 3% on your order (here is the code again: KQsVhj).


With their smart mining techniques and availability of sophisticated equipment, Genesis comes out as a multi-algorithm cloud mining service that has taken the top ranks.Genesis mining assures the subscribers that no downtime shall affect their income because they have put in place effective compensatory mechanisms.The company has diversified, and it is also involved in the mining of Altcoins. This works well to go around the congestion and difficulty in mining Bitcoins.

The Altcoins, once mined, can then be exchanged for Bitcoins.Genesis Mining offers you frequent payouts as long as you attain the threshold amount. Users get their earnings on a daily basis.If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, it’s about time you signed up for a Genesis Mining account. The account guarantees you the status of a bossy miner making money from the comfort of your home and as you go about your daily activities. It is also a good platform for those who have skimpy knowledge on crypto currency. 

Genesis Mining provides Bitcoin mining at the comfort of your own house, but minus the downsides of traditional mining. Genesis Mining concentrates on cloud mining, which usually means that you don't need to buy any expensive hardware. The cheapest Mining hardware would cost you around 2000$ and you will still need to pay for electricity and endure the loud fans, believe me, that's the nastiest part.

With Genesis Mining you can mine the following coins: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Monero
  • Zcash (New)

​Fast Payouts

Critics of cloud bitcoin and altcoin mining often state that the market is volatile. You may just eliminate whatever you've spent while that's true to a degree. Since their clients are compensated by Genesis Mining every two days, you have some protection against the markt volatility. [For all contracts but mining bitcoin you will not pay any maintenance fee]

Trustworthy Cloud Mining

Seeing as you're not able to affirm these Bitcoin cubes until you perform the job or place your cash to something, some operations might be unethical. Fortunately, Genesis Mining is a well known Bitcoin mining service with loads of consumers that are dependable and successful that support their trustworthiness.

Small initial investment (+ use our Genesis Mining coupon)

Bitcoin mining is not something which you're in a position to reap from the benefits of without creating an investment. The dimensions of your investment decides the sum that you reap in from realized bitcoin blocks. Three distinct Bitcoin Mining packaging bargains are provided by Genesis Mining.

Genesis Mining Coupon to Get the 3% Discount

When you make your purchases and payments for contracts, you will be prompted to enter a promo code.

Enter our code and get a 3% discount off the price. Once you have entered the code, press 'validate' and confirm the order. Sit back and enjoy your payouts. 

What is Bitcoin?

Updates on Genesis Mining Coupon and More

I will post any Updates in this section:

[30.08.2017] I made 50% of my investment back within 3 months. I bought 2 contracts Bitcoin (28% Return) and Etherium (68% Return). [Disclaimer: this is only my experience, yours may vary. Choose your contracts well.

I did choose the Coins i think will have a good future in the long run.​

[05.09.2017] Genesis Mining just announced that: due to a huge amount of inquiries regarding availability of Bitcoin Mining Plans and They are expected to start offering Bitcoin mining hashpower next October 31st! And Since that's still a few weeks away, they are offering Early Bird plans to those of you who are eager to get on board. Please note that the supply is very limited. To secure your hashpower now, click here.

[05.09.2017] Genesis Mining also announced that they have returned to the regular daily payout schedule. This will surely help the company reach their goal of proving that it is the best hashpower provider in the World!

[05.09.2017] Some Companies in the Hashpower Market just changed their Terms mid-contracts. Mr. Marco Streng (CEO of Genesis Mining) Wrote the following in an Email to all customers

"Quite a few of our customers have had experiences with competitors turning to unpopular practices like changing contract terms mid contract, or adjusting prices. As we've received questions about this, I want to personally assure you that we do not have and will never add abusive clauses to our contracts. Genesis Mining is working on a long term strategy, and therefore we don't base our prices on opportunity. Your contract will run for as long as it is profitable, and under the terms we initially agreed on!"

[05.09.2017] Genesis Mining is considering adding Bitcoin Cash to their portfolio. 

[07.09.2017] All Genesis mining contracts for Bitcoin are sold out. If you don't want to miss the next hashpower purchases sales subscribe to our updates. or revisit this page we will keep this section updated witht the newest updates.

[07.09.2017] Genesis Mining started a video series, entitled #EvolvewithUs. "The company gets asked a lot: "What is the difficulty in building a large farm for mining cryptocurrency?" Once again, we are in Iceland We are always updating our farms for mining. We have collected a massive amount of equipment on this farm at this location. Our GPUs are the best of the best in the blockchain technology.Genesis Mining expresses their goal of supporting the cryptocurrency community entirely by mining cryptocurrency..." [watch the trailer for more] [You can find all videos at the bottom of this page]

[05.11.2017] This Crazy time of the Forks is almost over. Bitcoin reached over 7000$. Meanwhile i got 2 Payouts from Genesis Mining. Now I made almost 65% Back. The Ethereum Mining Contract will not be profitable after all. We Wrote about this in our Review. Don't get an Ethereum cloud Mining Contracts now go instead for Litecoin or Monero mining. Or better Grab Bitcoin Mining when they will reopen for orders. 

[12.11.2017] Openended bitcoin mining is Back online for a short time with Genesis Mining. Grab your hashpower fast. Last time the sale was over in 3 days. This time i bought Hashpower for 400usd i am hoping to start making minimum Payouts every 3 to 7 days. I really wish i had more money. If i had even 50000$ i would buy for at least 25000$ Bitcoin Mining as long as it will be available. My plan is to reach the point where i can reinvest money daily. Reinvest all the money i can reinvest. Wish me luck. But really grab your btc cloud mining Contract and use our genesis Mining Coupon code: KQsVhj. To get a 3% discount. Hurry up as long as bitcoin hashpower limited presale is still on!

[23.12.2017] Genesis Mining was featured  in CNN’s Quest Means Business. here is the video for you.

[31.12.2017] It’s been an amazing year for cryptocurrency. I Got all my money Back in 6 months. Please note that i only bought BTC and Ethereum when the price was low. Now i will get 18 Months on ROI for my Eth Mining contract. For BTC as you know the Hashrate contract is an open ended Cloud Mining Contract. What this means is that i will continue to get payouts as long as Mining BTC is profitable for Genesis Mining. What is with the price changes of 2017 a sure thing.

Genesis Mining published a blog post about the company achievements in 2017, here are the highlights:

The CEO Marc Streng was featured in two occasions:

1. In March 2017 in a report done by Deutsche Welle (DW), one of Germany’s biggest public international broadcasters. Marco also took the reporter to Iceland for a tour of one of genesis Mining Bitcoin Mining farms.

2. The CEO gave a TEDx Talk at the Trinity College in Dublin explaining how he got into Bitcoin. Here is the video for you:

[31.12.2017] Genesis Mining just announced that they’ll be offering Bitcoin Cash (Live on 31th of Dec) as AUTO (Automatically traded) and as fully minable option in the beginning of January for all Bitcoin mining contracts! So if you want to use cloud mining BCH. You will have to mine it using your open ended Bitcoin Mining Contract or wait for Genesis mining to open new contracts. Bookmark this page to get a discount code when you will buy.

[31.12.2017] The minimum payout threshold is increasing to 0.003 for Bitcoin and to 0.075 for Ether due to the current high network fees. This is a needed change because of the network fees.

[04.01.2018] Genesis Mining is sold out. All contracts Cloud Mining Contracts are sold out.

[08.01.2018] The minimum payout for BTC and ETH have been increased.

minimun Payout genesis Mining January 2018

[08.01.2018] Genesis Mining has made a statement in twitter you can find it here:

Genesis Mining on Twitter

1/5 Dear Miners, as you’ve noticed the cryptocurrency industry is booming and as of yesterday, all our mining capacities are currently sold out! Many companies are trying to keep up w/ the massive demand and even some exchanges have currently disabled new sign-ups

Genesis Mining on Twitter

2/5 In the meantime we’re in the process of ramping up new mining hardware, solving infrastructure issues and are progressing on long overdue user interface updates. It is our highest priority to improve your user experience and enable you to adjust to all market dynamics

Genesis Mining on Twitter

3/5 Some users are currently missing Ethereum (ETH) & Reputation token (REP) payouts. This is due to network & daemon issues and all users will receive their payouts as soon as we’ve fixed this problem. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience

Genesis Mining on Twitter

4/5 Due to continually increasing Bitcoin transaction fees we’ve updated these minimum payout thresholds to 0.005 BTC. We’re currently testing a new system in which our users can manually set their own thresholds and will update you on the integration of this feature shortly


Genesis Mining Farms: Where the Magic is happening

Genesis Mining Bitcoin mining facilities are located in Iceland. 

In this section we are going to show you where the magic is happening and where The actual Mining is being taken care of.

These Bitcoin and Altcoin mining farms represent just a small percent of the farms the company has. All bitcoin mining farms aren't being shown because security concerns and for customer protection. Genesis Mining can only set up cameras and we do this without revealing sensitive information that was critical. You can watch some of the videos here:

First we will show you Enigma, the world largest Ethereum Mining Facility.

The world's largest Ethereum Mining farm, which is especially constructed to support the Ethereum Project: A decentralized platform which runs smart contracts. Applications that run as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. 

Next, this is one of Genesis Mining farms to the bitcoin cloud mining. Cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, work with algorithms which need hardware for mining performance. Especially for Bitcoin mining, modern technology is continually in development. This farm is constructed from Genesis Mining's partners Spondoolies Tech with farming hardware.

A bitcoin mining data centre that's processing the X11 algorithm was basically distinct from other build outs since it was primarily utilizing GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) bitcoin mining hardware as opposed to ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) devices which are used today. Cryptocurrencies which are currently using the algorithm are many others and Dash. This is only one of Genesis Mining data centers

Genesis Mining Reviews and TESTIMONIALS  

The reviews for The cloud mining company GM you will find below, were published on

The good and the bad

Mining contracts are good, but the problem with it you don't own the mining hardware you rent.


285% ROI

I would recommend Genesis Mining and I don't think its a scam and have the proof to back up that statement. I'm excited to see how this progresses and contact me for any questions or advice! Taking into account my initial investment of $300 USD my returns will be $869 USD (~285%). This is at the current price of Eth $333.68.


Ethereum Mining sounds not bad after a month

I purchased 170 MHS 23 days ago for and made 440 USD in return (actual ETH price 5.07.2017). so that's 10% in less than a month.


Use the auto reinvest feature for maximal gains

If you want to try this then I suggest you buy enough sha256 to update at least twice a day (2.4TH should do at today's price) Leave it updating for a month or two and watch your yearly total increase. When it reaches The amount you want to take out a day switch off the auto purchase option which is fee free! Mining works long term if you're reinvesting.

Newworldchaos is doing the same as I am reinvest and hope the price keeps increasing. Dont take anything out unless you need to. When the price was $3400 I bought 4TH I have only reinvested and now I have 4.67TH and the price is $4300 today. Ive paid in $520 and after one year I should return almost $1800 if the price stays steady and I dont continue reinvesting. (Which I will continue to do for the next 4 Years.


The more hashpower you buy the better are the results

Just bought a 500MH contract which was the most profitable contract because you get more Hash power for your money. Of course, the difficulty of the network is very unstable but expect to have my investment back in about 6 months. Good to know is that you can only get the 500 contract if you are a new customer if you already bought some hash power there is a daily limit of 100 USD.


Genesis has been an excellent company to use. I have several contracts with them and they've all paid as expected. I also did my research to understand what I was buying when I bought it. Do your research. Please. It's completely up to you to understand that Crypto is volatile in nature. It's also up to you to understand that if tons of people start mining said currency your return may go down. You could put $30 in Bitcoin in and get 2 coins of any kind back and Bitcoin could drop by half and your 2 coins could go up 1276%. I can't stress that enough. I recommend this company for people who are new, I explain this to them and they're really happy with their investment and if their coin skyrockets then they can increase their money. It beats assembling a custom rig for hundreds to thousands and paying the electric bill, cooling the rig, dealing with breakdowns and do parts, and handling all the technical aspects. It's easy to open a wallet, put in said wallet address and forget about it and let the money roll in.


Buy with BTC for faster Payouts

Paid with bitcoin and started getting dash and btc back same day. I like it. Bought 2 contracts.


So far I am satisfied

I bought Genesis X11 Mining contract (310.0 MH/s) couple od days ago and so far I mined 0.20169494 DASH. So far I am satisfied. I will update this review after one month.

Kryptency Comment: This review is 6 Months old.


Ethereum Contract can't break even (go for Bitcoin or Monero)

We cannot break even with dash contracts anymore, With an investment of 4.5k, my daily payout is around $2. For all the newcomers, please start small and then decide for yourself.

(Kryptency comment: As we said in before, only go for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero for now!)


Genesis mining as a company is okay

Cloud mining is always suspicious, but I believe Genesis mining as a company is okay.





A fair company

I tried genesis mining for mining ETH. My opinion is that genesis mining a fair company that does what it promises, but the increasing hashing rate just makes it very hard to make a meaningful calculation.


A legit company

They have sent me now the mined BTCs. So far it seems that it is a legit company. The mined BTC is calculated correctly. It takes ca. 1 month before they send the BTC if you pay by creditcard (otherwise you would collect the BTCs and then you cancel the order). Calculate not only the one-time fee, also calculate the daily fee, which is not that small!


Good Company but the support is overworked

Now back to Genesis Mining, they are most likely legit but since their customers are so many, their efficiency in solving issues is highly questionable now. If you are unlucky and face problem with the service, or you probably don't quite understand how the system works, feel free to join unhappy customers ranting on their social media. I'm also facing issue with pending payout but I don't bother to submit a ticket yet - will faithfully wait they will fix this issue soon. This contract would be profitable if Bitcoin price continues to rise, if you plan to hold Bitcoin for a long time, it's more economy to mine it than buy it nAdd testimonial.


Daily payouts with less Risk

My bitcoin mining contract with Genesis is running since the beginning of May. Till now I receive daily payouts. Less risk but also less profit!


I made the biggest investment of my life. 32000$

I made the biggest investment of my life. 32000$. (Lucas Bought Bitcoin Mining, Hope you will still can get some for you too)


The #Evolvewithus Video series

Here is the #Evolve with us video Series:

Video 1: The anatomy of a mining Rig:

Iceland - May 2017. On behalf of Genesis Mining, CTO Stefan Schindler gives a quick introduction on how to build a cryptocurrency mining rig. The altcoins of Genesis Mining’s customers are being mined right here.

Iceland - May 2017. On behalf of Genesis Mining, Head of Operations Philip Salter explains the challenges of building a cryptocurrency mining farm! 

On behalf of Genesis Mining, CTO Stefan Schindler exposes the advantages of the so-called alternative cryptocurrencies and their future development in the Blockchain industry.

Head of Operations Philip Salter reveals the ultimate secret of large scale cryptocurrency mining: Hive, Genesis Mining's own monitoring software. 

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We hope this article will help you saving money. If you paid with Bitcoin you will see the first payouts in 24 hours, so literally you will start earn tomorrow your first mining money.

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Thank you in Advance.

Happy Mining 🙂 

To the Moon!

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