Crypto Currency Technical Analysis (Sep 25, 2017)

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Crypto Currency Technical Analysis:


  • Downward correction which started on 14th august, 2017 has been over with strong bullish engulfing candle on daily timeframe chart.
  • Strong support line is near 0.0040 – 0.0045 area.
  • Coin is expected to move higher from here, followed by first resistance level at 0.0068
  • We bought this coin at 0.0048 with intended target at 0.0096 (R-2 LEVEL) in 60 days



  • Coin is expected to move high slowly.
  • First resistance ahead at 0.000065 level which in my opinion won’t hold this time.
  • Resistance level R-2 is much strong which could be coin’s target in near future.
  • Expected Time required to reach target level is 60 days.



  • Downward trendline has been broken at support level with strong bullish candle.
  • Coin may dip to 160 satoshis level before resuming it’s uptrend.
  • Expected Target area is 300 satoshis which is first resistance level in my opinion.
  • Expected time required to complete this pattern is 60 days.



  • Coin may have correction ahead to retest the support level which acted as resistance earlier.
  • Support is at 0.001 level which is trendline support as well as previous resistance.
  • Expected target is 0.002000 satoshi in 60 days.



  • SAFEX with target 500 satoshi
  • Snt with target 1350 satoshi
  • BCC with target 0.203 level
  • Neo with target 0.0096 level
  • Lbry with target 11000 satoshi
  • TenxPay with target 0.00079 level
  • Qtum with target 0.00285
  • Monaco with target 0.0031
  • Gbyte with target 0.077




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