How to create a Coinbase account

For the first purchase of Bitcoin & Ethereum, we will go through a very secure buying/selling platform Coinbase. It will take you about 30-60 minutes to create and validate the account. Once it is validated, it will take a minute to buy bitcoins by credit card. It will also be possible to buy Ether (Ethereum), Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin which are 2 promising crypto-currencies.

Positive sides of coinbase

  • The security of your bitcoins on a site that has a proven track record
  • This site is both a place to both purchase, sell and a "wallet" / address Bitcoin (this is not a trading site.So its use is suitable for beginners.)
  • Coinbase also offers a Smartphone appl (Android / iOs) for your wallet.
  • You can also buy Ethereum as well as other cryptocurrencies without first having to buy bitcoin. 

​Negative Sides of coinbase

  • The registration is long and requires taking good quality photos (This is the KYC policy or "Know the consumer" in return, it is a guarantee of safety for them and for you)
  • Not anonymous

how to create a coinbase account and Buy Bitcoin

  1. Go to the Invitation only Coinbase sign up page. and fill out the form. Use your real information
  2. The site checks that your email address is valid. Please check your inbox and click on the validation link
  3. Validate your identity: This is where things get serious. You must prove our identity. Indeed, the account will hold money or bitcoins. As a result, for you own safety your identity must be verified.
  4. Confirm your phone number.
  5. To validate your legal identity, choose: passport, driving license or identity card. The site uses your webcam to take a photo of a piece of identification. Make sure documents are readable. The verification is done by bots that scan the documents. It takes a few seconds
  6. In case of failure, the site will also offer a check via phone because the camera is often have a goof enough quality. While verifying using your Phone's camera, leave the site page open.
  7. Now that your identity is verified you will have to add a payment method. On the website Settings> Payment methods> Add a payment method:Optional SEPA (bank transfer) or credit card. The fastest being by credit card.
  8. Create a Bitcoin address: Go to Tools> Create a new address. Give your Bitcoin address a unique name (example: main address)
  9. Buy bitcoins: 
    • Go to Buy / Sell
    • Enter a value in USD/euro or bitcoin
    • Click on the blue button.
    • The purchase is done

What to do next?

After learning how to create a coinbase account and joining CoinBase now register on other trading sites to trade with crypto-currencies less known but with great potential

(nb: You do not always need to verify your identity;))

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