Bitcoin Mining Explained

The launch of the Bitcoin in 2009 opened a whole new world. Many looked at this digital currency in wonderment. And the Bitcoin has never ceased to amaze. Its growth in value and popularity are exemplified in many domains. Now Bitcoin mining online is an area of interest for people who know the fundamentals of cryptocurrency as well as those whose primary interest is to make a profit.

What is it About Bitcoin?

I just mentioned Bitcoin. Does the name ring a bell? Well, worry not if it doesn’t because this piece will help you learn the ropes. Bitcoin was the first digital currency ever to exist. That is one of the reasons that the name Bitcoin is doing rounds on various platforms. But there is more; this crypto coin is now valued very highly in comparison to the US dollar. Having started off on humble grounds, the Bitcoin rose dramatically thanks to its mode of operability which has consistently lured many people to join the party.

So how is it a currency? Well, in business terms, virtually anything can be used as a currency. It just depends on its security and value which is significantly influenced by its demand. Other secondary factors such as ease of divisibility also come into play. These reasons partly explain why gold and other precious metals were used as currency in the olden days and why Bitcoin has been embraced in that respect in our technologically advanced world.

Being a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is based on a system of numbers and letters. The records of this entire system bearing all the transactions ever made on the network are registered in a public ledger called the Block chain. This ledger is checked and verified by independent people who are called miners. The miners are tasked with maintaining the credibility and hence the value of the Bitcoin. The miners can also engage their computers and specialized hardware to solve some set algorithms whose results yield new Bitcoin units into the network for circulation.

The Bitcoins operate on the basis of the ideas of one Satoshi Nakamoto who is credited for coming up with the complex system. The system by Satoshi is made in such a way that there is a difficulty that a miner has to work through to mine a Bitcoin. The difficulty keeps on increasing as more people join the mining community. The system operates that way to maintain a constant rate at which Bitcoins are generated. The interesting bit is that there is a maximum limit for generation of Bitcoins. When they get to about 21 million in circulation, their production will not continue, and experts say it is a good way of keeping its value high.


The Mining Venture

We are not at 21 million Bitcoins yet, and it is projected that this will take some more years. So do you want to be in possession of Bitcoins? Because we live in a digitalized world, I guess a digital currency under your ownership is justified if it isn’t a necessity. That said, it is important to note that mining Bitcoins can earn you a fortune in the form of crypto coins. That is why miners are ready to dedicate their time, money and equipment to the process. There is a reward that comes in correspondence with how much you do.


A Closer Look at Bitcoin Mining Online

In the dawn of Bitcoins, early enthusiasts existed, and some of these individuals got down to mining. But mining calls for investment in all manners of ways. So they would be miners rushed to the shops to buy fast computers and some specialized hardware that would facilitate the work.

Mining typically involves finding solutions to mathematical problems that come with a cryptographic encryption. So the miner is supposed to try out different combinations until they get to a result that fits the algorithm used.

Mining Cryptocurrency can be an intense process because several combinations have to be tried out and previous calculations must be used to get the nested result. But that should not make you shy away from the venture because after all, it is the machines doing the work.

Because Satoshi wanted a constant mining rate, the process gets harder as more miners come into the picture. After some time, mining by individuals became less profitable. Remember you have to take your time, organize the machines, keep up with a hot and noisy home as well as pay hefty electricity bills.


Then Came The Idea of Cloud Mining

With people starting to get tired of mining individually, the idea of dumping or selling off the mining equipment they bought started lingering in their minds. But then Cloud mining came to save the day, of course, preceded by pool mining. With cloud mining, you don’t have to own any equipment, neither are you required to know the nuts and bolts of mining cryptocurrency.

With cloud mining, you don’t have to own any equipment, neither are you required to know the nuts and bolts of mining cryptocurrency.

Cloud mining also evolved, and now the most common mode of cloud mining is renting Hash power in simple terms is the input directed towards the mining process. In this mode of leased Hash power, there is a company that does all the donkey work of mining. It has its mining farms furnished with the necessary equipment and operated by people endowed with the technical knowledge.

So these companies lease some of their Hashpower to people willing to buy cloud mining services. The buyer then gets their payouts based on how much Hashpower they bought.

Several companies offering cloud mining services have emerged. These firms have surely come as game changers in this sector. But one would ask, why don’t they just use all the Haspower and earn from mining? Though that would be an option, we cannot hide from the fact that mining is costly. In fact what these companies are doing as they enter into a contract with you is calling for facilitation. And you get very much in return. Eventually, it is a win-win. You get your payouts and you are covered from many of the uncertainties that can befall the Bitcoin regarding value. Since you don’t need any mining equipment, you are saved from many situations. You won’t have to pay any maintenance costs, and you will live in a peaceful home.

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Bitcoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Although much is done for you by the companies offering cloud mining services, you still have to calculate your return on investment. This is where the Bitcoin mining profitability calculator comes in handy. The calculator contains fields that you have to key in certain information. It is a comparison of your input and the returns that you are getting. The market value of the Bitcoin is also considered to come up with a comprehensive profitability report. The profitability calculator helps you to make crucial decisions such as whether to buy more Has

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