Is Bitcoin getting mainstream?

The price of Bitcoin went from 600usd to almost 5000usd in a year. this amazing development had made many people aware of crypto currencies. Does this mean that bitcoin is getting mainstream?

Well, Digital currencies suffered for a long time from a bad perception among normal people. This has to do with hackers using Bitcoin in ransomware attacks. This began to change in 2017.

The real power of crypto currencies is not in ICOs. It is rather the ability to send money around the globe in seconds. This was never easier or faster, what makes them very attractive for businesses around the world. You can even buy a car with Bitcoin nowadays.

Bitcoin in real estate

Meanwhile, in real estate, big investors are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for really big deals. Just hear and read Michelle Mone talking about it:

Bitcoin is NOT a bubble: Michelle Mone says money-making currency is the futureMichelle Mone and her partner Douglas Barrowman have invested in bitcoin The bra tycoon and partner Douglas Barrowman are planning to sell 150 of the 1,133 homes using the “currency of the future”. And the couple suggested everyone should be looking to buy bitcoin, after its price has more […]

The bra tycoon and partner Douglas Barrowman are planning to sell 150 of the 1,133 homes using the “currency of the future”. […]

“I’m a Baroness in the House of Lords, if there was anything untoward, I wouldn’t be doing it. […]

“I believe it’s the currency of the future.” […]

“It’s only going to go one way over a five-year period because it’s in such scare supply. […]

In Dubai, you can even buy a luxury apartment with Bitcoin, well Dubai always adapts new technologies very fast. And if they do, you can bet other cities will follow suit.

Bitcoin Meets Mainstream Property In $330 Mln BitPay Dubai DealA British baroness and asset management conglomerate Knox Group have partnered with BitPay to offer luxury Dubai property for Bitcoin . The three-way venture will see 1,133 apartments on offer by 2019 worth around $330 mln, with the first 150 for sale at a 20 percent discount. Mirroring ICOs […]

This represents the first time anyone can purchase property directly from a developer with Bitcoin, an accompanying press release states, and aspects of the sale are deliberately “mirroring” ICO executions. […]

“I wanted to offer the property, tech and Blockchain community an […] opportunity by merging the property and tech sectors together in a true first for the industry,” Knox Group chairman Douglas Barrowman commented. […]

“Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in a few short years means it’s now the world’s leading cryptocurrency. This is exactly why we are the first property development ever to be priced in Bitcoin.” […]

Why do Businesses Care about accepting payment with crypto currency?

In my Opinion for 3 reasons:

  1. Lots of big players are investing in Bitcoin and have quadrupled their money in 2017. Some will move the money back to buy goods and investments. businesses want to satisfy this clientele
  2. The transactions are very fast.
  3. They are betting the price will go up! So by the time they decide to exchange their bitcoins they will make an additional gain for the same initial cost.

Celebrities are jumping on the ICO and Cryptocurrency train

John Cena, Floyd Mayweather, and Paris Hilton are just the start many will start promoting cryptocurrencies and their fans will surely be interested.

Are Cryptocurrencies Mainstream yet?

The answer is, no but we are getting there fast. In the meanwhile, you can join the (late) early adopters and buy some bitcoins here.

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