What is Binance and how to create a Binance account

Binance is an Asian exchange that has emerged during 2017. Binance has won a very good acceptance becoming one of the most used exchanges worldwide, in just a few months. The Website attracted the attention of good investors. future projects of cryptocurrencies are added frequently to Binance.

The exchange will allow you to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and BNB markets; this is your cryptocurrency which will give you benefits within your platform, such as commission discounts.

You can trade 242 Coins on Binance. [19.01.2018]

To start trading on Binance you need to create an account, this is very easy and we will show you how to do it here: 

How to create a binance account?

At this moment, Binance opens the registry of new users once a day, given the high demand and saturation of its platform.

1. Go to Binance.

2. If you need to change the language, now is the time to select the one you prefer.

3. Fill in your data. Please use a secure password, click on Register button.

4. Once you complete the registration. You will have to verify your email, you will receive an email to complete this part.

5. Then it is very important to activate double verification with Google Authenticator. From the end of 2017, you can also activate verification by SMS, although we recommend the double verification per app.

6. Now you are ready to deposit cryptocurrencies, withdraw them, buy and sell any digital currency listed in Binance.

Once we have our active account we can already start trading'. But for that we need to deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin (or other coins) to your corresponding binance wallet. If you don't own Bitcoin yet you can get btc on coinbase or Anycoin.

Deposit coins into your account click on "Funds" then on "Balances", look for btc (Bitcoin) then click on "deposit". You will be redirected to the deposit page for btc. Send your deposit the shown address.

Once your coin is credited to your account, you can buy any of the cryptocurrencies that are listed in Binance.  

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