WhatsApp now provides bigger companies an opportunity to contact the customers straight over WhatsApp with help of WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp does not support advertising, however, it is making new possibilities for messenger customer service.

What’s WhatsApp Business all about?

WhatsApp Business API Business allows the companies to securely and safely message the customers straight within their WhatsApp messaging platform. So, one benefit over SMS is WhatsApp is tied straight to the single phone number & provides the branded business profile instead string of digits. It allows the consumers to know who they’re chatting with and receiving messages from instantly. WhatsApp provides the reliable delivery information, offering companies an extra benefit to know what messages are delivered and read.

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There’s also the growing trend of using business messaging for the ‘conversational commerce’ purposes: allowing the sales and the support teams for answering product and customer service queries with rich and contextual messages that can facilitate the new transaction and keep the current customer happy. WhatsApp now comes preinstalled on several smartphones, user adoption has also skyrocketed as well as is grow continuously. This means that your customers are already making use of an app. In order, to make customer connection, you have to setup the WhatsApp Business profile & associate this with the business number.

Do I actually need a different messaging app?

SMS and Email have been the common channels that businesses use for connecting with the customers. They’re the effective channels in their right. However, in omnichannel world, that is changing. The messaging apps such as WhatsApp have got capabilities that will allow you have the more significant impact on your customer satisfaction, whereas expanding your reach, managing support costs, improving deliverability, increase conversions, security as well as achieving important business KPIs.